Custom Software Development

Improve your operational efficiency with our custom-tailored software development.<br/>- Enterprise grade professional software development <br/>- Top of the industry standards and best in class technologies used <br/>- Desktop, Mobile and Web development <br/>- Emphasis on collaboration and communication <br/><br/>Boost the value of your business with amazing software <br/>- Create multi-platform ecosystem of apps to centralize your data <br/>- Streamline your operations in a single intuitive user interface <br/>- Unify the user experience between your apps for maximum usage efficiency.

| Desktop Development

We develop resilient, scalable and robust desktop applications using the programming language C# and the best desktop development framework WPF and the latest version of the .NET technologies. Fully asynchronous applications with an emphasis on sleek User Experience (UX) and performance.

Our experts have immense experience with Desktop development and know all the best recipes to build scalable user-centric applications with the modern design and look'n'feel any new application deserves nowadays.

| Web Development

Using the latest standards in Web Development techniques using React and Bootstrap framework for the front-end and ASP.NET Core for the backend, our web developers deliver lightweight responsive applications that look and feel amazing on all browsers whether it be through a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone.

| Mobile Development

Cross-platform Mobile Development using Xamarin.Forms and the .NET Framework allow the quick development of apps that work on all mobile platforms (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) with a single codebase. No need to duplicate functionality through different platforms with different release cycles: code once and deploy everywhere at the same time.

| Quality Assurance

All software applications that we develop go through cycles of testing and bug fixing to ensure the best product quality before shipping to our clients. Our QA experts are very meticulous and create very detailed test plans to never miss any feature untested.

Survive I.T. also offers Quality Assurance services to our partners to help find even the deepest bugs in your systems or products. Contact us for more details.

IT Support & Infrastructure

| Technical Support & Helpdesk

Get the Peace of mind you deserve with our IT support and Helpdesk services. Our team will help you survive any issues that you face in your daily operations so you can focus on growing your business.

| Managed Services Provider

Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise to manage all your hardware and software inventory. We provide 24/7 monitoring and security and will take care of any issues that arise with the help of the latest cutting-edge technology in cyber-security and monitoring.